I’m an author who happens to have musical abilities,” says twenty-one year old singer/songwriter Julianna Joy. “I write all the time – on the back of a napkin, in Notes on my phone, in my journal.  I never stop thinking about stories I can turn into music.”

Growing up in suburban communities in Indiana and Illinois, Julianna Joy received her first guitar at age 9.  Writing over 200 songs in her teen years, she released her first single at age 14, “Close Enough,” a sad yet sweet ballad about never feeling like you’re enough.  “I struggled to fit in after we moved to the Chicago area.  Songwriting was the only thing that I could count on to be consistent in my life,” says Julianna. “Friends came and went but the music was always there.” 

At 15, Julianna was invited to attend  GRAMMY® Camp in Los Angeles studying music with industry professionals, and fellow aspiring artists, producers, and instrumentalists.  In the summer of 2019,  Julianna spent time in LA recording first EP, “Cherries,” which released in February 2020.  Produced and co-written by Dylan Gardner, Cherries is an 80s-inspired journey of color and emotion fully representing Julianna’s synesthesia in red, purple, and hot pink.

“I focus on choosing words and creating scenes  that will allow the listener to get inside my songs and recognize moments in their own lives,” says Julianna about Cherries.

Her sound is a mirror of the eclectic music that most influenced her over the years – country, alternative rock, rap, and all genres of pop.  “Cherry Bomb”, a focal track on Cherries, recently surpassed 4M streams on Spotify, laying the foundation for a loyal fan base.

In early 2020, Julianna relocated to Los Angeles signing a publishing deal with Hipgnosis Songs Group.  Determined to redefine pop music for a whole new generation of fans. Julianna has been steadily growing her monthly followers through Spotify editorial playlist placement(SALT, Fresh Finds, Fresh Finds Pop) and Apple Music editorial placement (Breaking Singer/Singwriter) and several TikTok influencer playlists, Julianna released her single, “Orange,” in October 2020, produced by the Grammy Winner Juan Ariza (Dua Lipa’s Pretty Please, Abigail Barlow, Emily Bear). To close out 2020, Julianna released, “Seventeen,” produced by Sam Ricci (All the Stars, Kendrick Lamar & SZA).

“Spirits”, released in June 2021, is a rock pop explosion tapping into the story we’ve all been through – that moment when you know you have to let some go. Written with Mags Duval and Juan Ariza (who also produced), “Spirits” brings Julianna’s fans into a new and more evolved era of her music. Surprising fans with a Side B – “Don’t Come to LA”, co-written & co-produced by duo Your Crush Music (Christopher Ahn and Kalliyan Davis, with additional writer Dave Manke), the companion track to “Spirits”, allows listeners to journey with Julianna through the challenges of moving on.  

In 2022, Julianna released “Garden of Eden,” co-written and produced by Grammy-nominated writer, Teddy Geiger, with collaborators Danny Parker, John Ryan, Mags Duval, Juan Ariza, and Evan Voytas.  Her most recent project, co-written and produced by Dee Lilly, highlights a strong alternative pop feel that her fans love.

While pursuing music is Julianna’s first passion, she is also extremely passionate about supporting individuals and communities that are traditionally under-represented. She aspires to have a platform where she can support mental health awareness,  AIDs research and the LGBTQ+ community.

You can currently follow Julianna Joy on all platforms at @juliannajoy69 or visit www.juliannajoy.com.