Cherries EP – Pretty Misery

FEBRUARY 13, 2020 by Julianna Joy

“Julianna Joy’s forthcoming EP ‘Cherries’ is released on 2.14.2020. It’s an attractive, admirable effort which is instantly outstanding. I’m immediately drawn to Julianna’s vocals, they’re mellow, sultry and charming. Rapidly alluring and subtle at the same time. There’s a unique, talented quality to Julianna’s voice.

The opening track ‘nevermind’ is an impeccable invitation to the EP. It starts off with a Fleetwood Mac-like vibe, with a modern contemporary feel to it. Keeping your attention to the narrative of the song, the chorus is splendid and epic. It’s a slightly somber track which you can feel throughout the composition. Overall, a very current track which draws you into the aesthetic of the Ep.

‘Mouthes’ is the second track of the collection. There’s a more r’n b-like feel to this track, and I think, this is a continuation of the ‘nevermind’ story. The chorus is uplifting and inspiriting, reminding me slightly of ‘HAIM’ the LA band. Very rhythmic and very talented. ‘Mouthes’ wouldn’t be out of place in a packed stadium. The captivating synth work is catchy and reverberating throughout the ensemble.

My favourite track of the EP, ‘Carbon Copies’, is the third monumental track of the set. I’m reminded of a lot of artists I like here, ‘The Weeknd’, ‘Billie Eilish’ and there’s even a ‘Lana Del Rey’-esqe vocal harmony happening. It catches you off guard as if you’ve been propelled into a colossal, pleasing and relaxed atmosphere. A fascinating song with huge potential. I imagine this track performed live would be all-powerful and mood lifting.

The fourth track, ‘Cherry Bomb’, is the subtitle title track. It all feels like we’re whirling around and there’s a hint that the collection could be drawing to a close. As this track seems like it could be involved in a movie drawing towards the final scene. The drum beat is tribal but non-intrusive. I can sense some Ed Sheeran influence which is very interesting from a female perspective, which is refreshing and exhilarating.

The finale of the EP, ‘Posiedon’, is a melancholy piano ballad with charming, adorable vocals. An adept outro to an entrancing journey. There are excellent controlled trills which magnetize your attention and zone you in. Enthralling metaphors and cultivated ‘listenability’.

All in all, ‘Cherries’ is jam packed with catchy melodies, current sounds and impressive ear worms. Juliannas voice is clear and precise,her talent is pure, organic and shines through the fantastic production. There’s an intelligence to ‘Cherries’ which could keep any listener captivated. There’s enough dynamism within the EP to be played in a variety of environments, whether it’s in your bedroom, a stadium, on a movie soundtrack or on your iPod whilst exercising. Check out Julianna Joy’s website to pre-order the EP, you won’t be dissapointed.”


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